West Memphis Three Go Hollywood In First Trailer For ‘The Devil’s Knot’


The last two decades have been littered with books, documentaries, and televised investigative specials on the crime and ensuing trial most now refer to simply as ‘The West Memphis Three.’ A fictionalized version of events was bound to make its way to the big screen eventually, and in 2014 Image Entertainment will be one of the first to try and tackle those terrible events in 1993 with the new ‘true crime’ film, The Devil’s Knot.

Featuring Reese Witherspoon, Colin Firth, Dane Dehaan, and several other notable celebrities, The Devil’s Knot will attempt to squeeze one of the strangest and most drawn out cases of the 20th century into a 120-minute drama. The first trailer found its way online today, and for what it’s worth the feature seems like it will lean more towards the theory the boys were not involved than that they were. You can view the clip below.

The Devil’s Knot opens May 9.

“Devil’s Knot tells the compelling story of three teenagers accused of the brutal 1993 murder of three 8-year old boys in Memphis, Ark. – two of them sentenced to life imprisonment and one to death. The film explores the lives of deeply misunderstood outsiders, their families and communities, and their darkest fantasies. The conviction of the West Memphis Three – Damien Echols, Jesse Misskelley, Jr., and Jason Baldwin – riled the American justice system, shocked a tightly knit religious town and outraged the nation.“

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