KEN mode Premiere Outlandish Animated Video For “The Terror Pulse”

ken mode

The ferocious Canadian noise trio KEN modestill on tour with Russian Circles and Helms Alee, has dropped an outrageous masterpiece of a video for Entrench cut “The Terror Pulse.” Unlike the video for fellow Entrench track “Romeo Must Never Know,” a slow motion, one-room performance video, the Christpher Mills-directed video for “The Terror Pulse” is, well, out of this world.

It’s basically the tour video from hell as animated versions of our heroes suffer many misfortunes and everything explodes. The spaceship van is attacked by a giant monster that is eventually beheaded by the rings of Saturn. A fire-breathing creature melts an iceberg. Everything is exploding.

Besides being entirely insane, it’s soundtracked by a particularly crazed, enraged track off the band’s fantastic 2013 album. It’s a fitting video for a band whose sets already feel like descents into hell without the aid of computer effects.

Tyler Hanan

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