Watch Bear Hands’ Video For “Giants”


While they’re busy at SXSW this week, Bear Hands had time to release the video for their latest single “Giants.”

The Brooklyn based boys might look like a dingy garage band but they serve up a good time with their alternative indie vibes. In this clip you’ll find imagery that’s like a night you aren’t sure you want to remember the next morning complete with strobe lights and girls clad in Urban Outfitters’ best.

“Giants” can be found on their record Distractions, which isn’t even a month old yet. Bear Hands will be promoting that track and we’re sure many others at SXSW, along with other shows throughout the rest of the year including at The Melting Point in Georgia in May, and Michigan’s MO POP Festival in July. Tickets for both of those can be found here, and you can check out the video below.


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