THE DROP: Featuring Heroes x Villains, Barron, Rekoil and More

the drop

While electronic music is generally not the main focus of Under The Gun’s coverage, there are quite a few members of our team who enjoy everything from dubstep and d&b to hardstyle and house. Thus, staff writer Michael Giegerich is heading the revival of The Drop, a retired column some longtime readers may remember.

Focusing on producers who aren’t headlining Ultra Music Festival and Tomorrowland (not yet, anyway), this list will provide you with five artists and their must-hear tracks. If you have any suggestions for who should be added to the next edition of this feature, contact Michael on Twitter and let him know.

Sidney Samson & Justin Prime – “Thunderbolt” (Heroes x Villains Edit)

Festival house has increasingly lost its appeal over the past year as newcomers have beat the genre into the ground while producers better versed in other genres have failed at crossing over into the burgeoning market, but Heroes x Villains managed to buck this trend in a spectacular style. While trap lords by nature, HxV obviously have more up their sleeves as heard within their edit of “Thunderbolt.” Giving the rather hollow house track a full makeover, the production is layered up with an aural assault of powerful synths prepared to drop jaws by the bunch.

Barron & London Nebel – “Stand Your Ground”

The deathstep/heavy dubstep scene has a solid collective of exciting rising stars, one of those being Baltimore’s own Barron. On “Stand Your Ground,” a collaboration with London Nebel, a dangerous mixture of Barron’s abrasive drops and wonky undertones come together to make a cut equal-parts mosh-worthy and danceable. Good luck not moving out of your seat when this one is coursing through the speakers.

Rekoil – “Death Awaits”

Heading back to Baltimore, another talented young producer by the name of Rekoil is currently tearing up the heavy electronic scene to shreds alongside Barron. Rather than sprinkling wonky vibes throughout “Death Awaits,” though, he opts for an audible knockout with thrashing synth-work and vicious chugs that achieve an absolutely ridiculous level of brutality. While listening to the track, it becomes obvious Datsik had the right idea when he signed the 19 year old to Firepower Records; Rekoil is going to become a household name by sheer force sooner rather than later.

12Gauge & The Greys – “Milky Sway”

As if the past two tracks weren’t enough, it’s time to experience yet another aural assault, this time courtesy of 12Gauge and The Greys in the form of “Milky Sway.” The title is rather fitting as not only does the cut feature ridiculous vocal samples claiming the universe consists of a “billion billion galaxies,” but the music itself has a liquid flow that slips and slides through an array of robotic churns, minimalistic yet simultaneously authoritative percussion hits, and fluctuating bass wobbles that sound handpicked from producers living a few centuries ahead of 2014.

Genetix – “Mystical”

Heading into deeper territory, Genetix display a knack for creating throbbing bass-lines that sway back and forth without ever approaching upbeat territory on “Mystical.” The song has a rather foreboding tone that can very well make one weary at first, but it’s virtually impossible to not become sucked into the darkness as the duo generate such a unique atmosphere within the depths of dubstep.

Bonus Track: Flipshot – “Hahahrawrrahaha”

To our lovely front page editor, Brian Lion: hahahrawrrahaha.

Mike Giegerich

Mike Giegerich is a freelance journalist with an affinity for the hip-hop scene. His top-five favorite records of all time are Future's last five releases. Feel free to blow up his mentions on Twitter.
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