MUSIC VIDEO: Lyla Foy – “Feather Tongue”


Lyla Foy’s new album Mirrors The Sky just released today and I’ve been hoping that she’ll receive the much-deserved notice because of it. The record offers fans of indie-pop and gorgeous, ethereal dream-pop plenty to love within its 10 tracks.

One of the album’s singles, “Feather Tongue,” received a beautiful visual accompaniment that released today as well. The video’s director, Oscar Hudson, explained to Drowned In Sound, “We shot the video over 2 days in and around an old abandoned chapel in south London. As always, the shoot turned out to be a chaotic mix of good fun, military precision and desperate improvisation. The footy hooligans (believe it or not) are not real hooligans. We did have some genuine hooligans booked to feature but, perhaps predictably, they backed out with about an hours notice. Fortunately though we managed to draft in some hungover chaps we found at a nearby house who were up for throwing some chairs about and having a bit of a ruckus.”

View the video after the jump and share your interpretation with us in the comments section. You can also check out our review of the limited edition vinyl release of Mirrors The Sky here.

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