Lykke Li Laments Breaking Hearts On “No Rest For The Wicked”


Besides creating certain bigger news items this month – a video for “Love Me Like I’m Not Made of Stone,” a song titled “Du är den ende” from the crime thriller she herself is starring in – Lykke Li also quietly posted the link to a website featuring lyrics to a song called “No Rest for the Wicked.” Today, in much louder fashion, she dropped that very song.

I’m not the only one for whom Cage the Elephant’s “Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked” came to mind, but I’m also hoping I’m not the only one who immediately flashed black to blasting bandits in Borderlands to the tune of that very song.

Lykke Li’s restlessness is much less friendly to bandit-blasting, though. Besides having a title evoking a similar despair as that of the album’s – I Never Learn – and the first single’s, it features such blissful lines as “Lonely I, I’m so alone now” and “I let my good one down / I let my true love die / I had his heart but broke it every time.”

Factor in the cavernous dankness, the sparse verses, and the chilly swells ushering in the chorus, and it’s looking bleak, kids. The swelling chorus tells of some weary perseverance that will keep Lykke Li and her fellow heartbreakers and brokenhearted going, but there’s very little room for light in either music or lyric. So…the song is streaming below. Have fun! If you have a hankering for more, I Never Learn will drop on May 5.

Tyler Hanan

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