Listen: The Black Keys Release New Single “Fever”

the black keys 2012

Last week, The Black Keys announced their new album Turn Blue would be released on May 13, ending the longest gap between albums over their prolific career. Today, the band released Turn Blue‘s first single “Fever,” which, if nothing else, sounds like a natural progression for the group after 2011’s hugely successful El Camino.

“Fever” is heavy on bass and synth, and while it should please fans of El Camino and get the crowds moving at the countless number of festivals the band is sure to headline over Turn Blue‘s album cycle, longtime fans of the band are going to be left cold. Considering where the band started out, I can’t help but wonder — where’s the guitar? Listen to “Fever” after the jump.

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  • Kevin Liebler

    The album is called Turn Blue, not True Blue…