P Diddy Goes Back To Puff Daddy, Announces New Album


In our lifetime we’ve gotten to see one man take on one too many monikers. We’ve known him as Sean Combs, P Diddy, just Diddy, Puffy, and now he’s going back to the one that started it all – Puff Daddy. How long will this name change last though? Probably as long as his new album cycle takes.

It’s been four years since this guy’s dropped a record but back then he was still Diddy. It’s been even longer since he’s released anything under Puff Daddy. It was in ’99 when Forever hit the shelves and went to number two on the charts, but that one from four years ago, Last Train to Paris – that one only made it to number seven. Could returning to Puff Daddy help out with sales? He sure hopes so and has enlisted some of the biggest names in music to help out on his upcoming release, MMM.

Rick Ross and French Montana can already be found on the lead single, “Big Homie.” Speaking of, you can watch the trailer for that track’s video after the jump.

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