UTG TV EXCLUSIVE: I Am The Avalanche In-Store Part 1: ‘Wolverines’

I Am The Avalanche - 'Wolverines'

Last week, our buddies in I Am The Avalanche dropped their third album worldwide. Wolverines is the highly anticipated follow-up to the band’s 2011 release, Avalanche United.

One week prior to release, the band streamed the album in its entirety through Billboard. By the time Looney Tunes CDs hosted IATA’s in-store appearance, most fans already knew the words to all of the new songs. Conveniently scheduled on St. Patrick’s Day, vocalist Vinnie Caruana let the crowd feel his excitement to perform the new songs for the first time ever while also encouraging any of those celebrating the holiday to pass him the flask during the meet and greet. After the in-store, the guys headed from Long Island, NY up to Rochester.

Check out below the jump to watch the first part of our Avalanche in-store series brought to you exclusively from UTG TV and check back tomorrow for part two. You’ll be able to hear four songs performed live off of Wolverines including “Young Kerouacs,” “Anna Lee,” “The Shape I’m In,” and “177.”

I Am The Avalanche pose with their giant 'Wolverines' album cover!

To buy Wolverines on iTunes, click here. For vinyl and more merch, click here.

Produced by: Derek Scancarelli
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Special thanks to Karl and the team at Looney Tunes CDs.

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