Victory Records Welcomes Feed Her To The Sharks And UTG Feels Conflicted

feed her to the sharks 2013 feature

Australian metalcore outfit Feed Her To The Sharks are the latest band to join the Victory Records roster. The group has released two full-length albums to date by themselves, and will likely have a new recording out by the end of 2014. You can view a video announcement featuring music from the band’s latest album below.

We have been covering Feed Her To The Sharks for the last several years and could not be more thrilled to learn a label has finally decided to give them the financial support needed to take their career to the next level. Our only concern is the fact Victory has not produced a new ‘hit’ band in several years. Even the acts they sign with promise never seem to rise to the level of notoriety veteran acts such as Bayside, Silverstein, A Day To Remember, and – yes – Emmure have seen. Part of this is surely due to the quality of bands being signed, but one has to wonder if the negative reputation the label has been given by the press and artists has swayed the public’s desire to support Tony Brummel’s empire.

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  • Congrats to these guys. One could argue that Counterparts are making a name for themselves, but Victory’s glory days are definitely long over.