Big Homie: Puff Daddy’s Comeback Single Is A Beast


Growing up in the 1990s, I can recall several years where no one in hip-hop could touch the Bad Boy Records empire. It was the premiere label in urban music, and sitting on the throne was none other than Sean Combs – aka Puff Daddy. If you have never heard No Way Out in its entirety you have lived an unfulfilled life.

In the early 2000s, Puff Daddy became P. Diddy, and with the name change came a musical evolution that leaned heavily on pop influences and turned away many longtime listeners. Later releases found circles where they were appreciated, but no one would argue that the success of Diddy never quite matched that of Daddy.

Just last week, Diddy announced he was finally going back to Puff Daddy, and with that announcement revealed that he has spent the past several months working on a new album with a number of the biggest names in hip-hop. No one quite knew what to expect, but I will admit my hopes reached for the sky.

Last night, Puff Daddy’s comeback single found its way online. Titled “Big Homie,” the track pairs Puff with Maybach Music Group boss Rick Ross and French Montana (who is also rumored to be executive producing Puff’s album) over a booming beat that demands your full attention from the very beginning. Puff’s delivery is vicious and boastful, proclaiming that he can go to any hood and they will know him. You think you’re a star? You’re a footnote in the overlooked pages of pop culture history compared to Puff Daddy, and on this track he and the most recognizable egos in hip-hop let you know it. You can stream the song below.

I want to be clear — I am not hating on Puff or this single. In fact, I’ve been blasting it on repeat since I rolled out of bed this morning. “Big Homie” is the latest in a recent wave of ego-driven anthems that is as fun to vibe to as it is absolutely ridiculous. It’s as shallow as music can possibly be, but it hits so hard you just want to break shit and have a good time with your best friends.

Winter is still gripping much of the United States, but as soon as it’s nice enough for people to drive around with their windows down you can rest assured “Big Homie” will be blasting from every other stereo system in your neighborhood. It’s mindless fun in the best possible way, and more importantly it properly reintroduces Puff Daddy to the world with production befitting a king.

I don’t know where Puff will go from here, but I sure as hell am happy to have him back.

James Shotwell

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