STREAM: Emery – “I Got Taken For A Bath” Demo


There aren’t very many bands that I loved in high school that I still love today. One of those few artists is Emery. They have been together for roughly 13 years now, though it’s been three years since the last time they released an album. They recently announced their departure from Tooth & Nail Records, which made fans wonder if they’d be releasing a new album any time soon. As of a couple of days ago they officially confirmed that they would drop a new album in the foreseeable future. The album will be titled You Were Never Alone, and they plan on funding it via crowdfunding. Their campaign will launch April 1, and in the meantime the band revealed a demo song which is available to download for free. The song is titled “I Got Taken For A Bath,” and you can listen to it below. If you’d like to download it for free you can pick it up here.

Though it’s obvious the song isn’t quite finished yet, it’s certainly enjoyable to listen to. Toby has a unique singing voice, and it’s nice to finally hear him sing something new.

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