Watch The Trailer For John Swetnam’s ‘Into The Storm’


We’ve seen what natural disasters can do and Into the Storm takes that to the extreme, but will people care to watch a movie about an out of control storm?

The trailer sets you up with single statements that piece together longer sentiments like “this is the sound you will never forget” and “there is no calm before the storm.” You have those along with a whirlwind of planes, trains and automobiles to get an idea of what this movie is going to be about – it’s pretty simple, a storm is going to wreak havoc. Directed by Final Destination 5’s Steven Quale and written by John Swetnam, who currently penned Step Up: All In, it’s not easy to assume this one will be a hit.

You can check out the trailer for this weather disaster flick after the jump, and who knows…you might be persuaded to catch Into the Storm in theaters on August 8.

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