Kittie Launch Indiegogo Campaign For 20 Year Anniversary Documentary


The all female metal outfit known as Kittie started hinting at some huge news not that long ago. There was tons of speculation as to why they were pulling together all of their past members, and as of a few hours ago we finally got to find out why.

The band’s 20-year anniversary is upon us, and they have launched a $20,000 Indiegogo campaign to put together a tell-all documentary and book for fans. There are tons of perks available, though they are already quickly running out. The last that I checked, the band was already nearly at $17,000. You can donate and snag yourself a perk by heading here.

The documentary will include 20 years worth of touring footage and personal footage from the band members. They have promised plenty of videos never before seen by fans as well as details about the group’s struggles as being an all female group in the metal world. You can watch the video they released talking about the documentary below the jump.

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  • Kriston McConnell