Hear Darkside’s Dark Industrial Remix of St. Vincent’s “Digital Witness”

Darkside St Vincent Remix

Electronic musician, record label owner, student, and all around renaissance man Nicolas Jaar never seems to stop working. His Other People label recently shared a single from his Just Friends project, announced the upcoming solo EP from Dave Harrington, and have now shared a new Darkside remix of St. Vincent‘s “Digital Witness.”

Darkside, aka Jaar and Harrington, have set aside their sultry dark French jazz sound in favor of a more industrial stomp. Their remix drops Annie Clark’s vocals down so it sounds like The Knife, turn her bright horns into pulsing metalwork, and slip a shaking bassline into the background. Give it a listen over at Other People.

According to St. Vincent, 12″ vinyl will be released with “Digital Witness,” Darkside’s remix of the single, an a capella take, and an instrumental version.

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