Flo Rida Tries (and Fails) To Piggyback Off The Chainsmokers’ Success With A Spoken Word EDM Single Of His Own


If you have been following the various free singles posted on UTG in recent months you will no doubt recall seeing The Chainsmokers’ name scroll by a time or two. They built their brand on cutting-edge remakes of pop hits, but in recent years they have also been making efforts with original music that is equally deserving of your time.

Recently, The Chainsmokers hit a new career high when they topped the Billboard dance chart with a crazy little single called “#Selfie.” The song, which has a video featuring no less than three UTG staffers, revolves around a spoken word series of verses from a girl obsessed with taking photos of herself. The visuals went viral shortly after their release in January, and the song quickly began building buzz not long after. Now, less than a month after the song reached number one, Flo Rida has come along with a song called “Photobomb” that essentially bastardizes this concept and turns a track that already mocks that digital age into a supreme level meme unlike anything released to radio before.

Revolving around a spoken work series of verses told from the perspective of a young guy, “Photobomb” finds what I can only picture to be the ultimate bro pausing various conversation points to insert himself into others’ photographs. Sound familiar, yet different? Let’s take a moment and compare the two…



Aside from a few quick bars from Flo Rida, “Photobomb” is about as shameless as knockoffs come these days, and the worst part is that it’s not even that creative. There are far more spoken lines than bars rapped by Flo Rida, and the song doesn’t last long for the musical aspects to do anything worth remembering more than thirty seconds after the song has come to an end.

As far as trend-hopping goes, this is a ‘jump the shark’ moment even for the likes of Flo Rida. If you can, support The Chainsmokers and let the world know you’d rather take a #selfie than have a bro “Photobomb” your picture on his way to ‘get knee-deep in some poon.’

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  • djwhitecloud

    what about the “JUMPSMOKERS” i think CHAINSMOKERS is a total rip off

  • Dominic Michael Luciano

    I think it’s funny. It’s like a sequel.

  • Yvette Garza

    Jumpsmokers music sounds nothing like chainsmokers. That’s like saying Zedd and Zeds Dead are ripoffs. Just cause the name of an artist has a similar word involved doesn’t mean its a ripoff.

  • Deku-Johnny

    Come on, Mr. Rida, don’t be ‘that guy’.

  • Kriston McConnell

    It’s like most sequels: No one asked for it and it’s terrible.

  • Chris Sarris

    selfie is total rip off of sak noel’s loca people

  • dan

    This melody sounds familiar. Anyone know where “Photobomb’s” melody is from?

  • native

    Um, April Fools, joke is on you.

  • Benjamin Taylor

    photobomb is a way better song

  • Derek – UTG Review

    He’s never used someone else’s success as a basis for his own before… give the guy a break…

  • Chitownhero

    Cry, Good Feeling, Photobomb, and I’m sure many more are literally him just rapping over popular tracks. It’s one thing to call it a remix but he literally just renames it and takes credit for it.

  • yea its a midi sample off beatport’s EDM kicks lol

  • dan

    Thats where I heard it lol. Thanks man!

  • Derek – UTG Review


  • Sarah Lubbock


    Nothing like a little mash-up of the two!