Security Guard Who Was Trampled At Ultra Music Festival In Stable Condition; No Official Arrests Made In Incident

Ultra Music Festival

The next time a group of people think it’s a great idea to break down barricades to get into a show they didn’t pay for, they may want to think again. People may not get hurt in every instance, but what occurred this weekend may have crippled someone for the rest of their life.

The Miami Herald reported this weekend that 28-year-old Erica Mack was trampled on Friday by a mass of concert-goers trying to gain access into the festival without tickets. They broke through a barrier which ended up falling on the woman and pinning her on the ground as people stampeded to get into the festival. She ended up being taken away by medics in critical condition. An update by Miami Hearald yesterday confirmed that while she’s still in critical condition, she’s stable and breathing on her own.

Dozens of people have been arrested for various charges, some of which are felonies. The Miami police have not confirmed if anyone has been arrested in connection with the trampling incident, but they are currently questioning potential witnesses.

The city commissioner thinks the festival should be held somewhere else from now on, as they feel it encourages drug use and rowdiness. After the incident this weekend the event is under fire more so than usual. Some concert-goers believe that most of the attendees are responsible and the actions of a few shouldn’t be cause to move the festival entirely.

We will post more information as updates occur. We all hope for Erica’s full recovery.

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