WATCH: Cloudkicker’s Entire First-Ever Live Performance


This has been a hell of a long time coming. We’re talking five LPs and several EPs over the course of 6+ years long. Ben Sharp’s one-man prog-metal project Cloudkicker has been keeping fans amped in the comfort of their own homes since 2008 but he’s finally taken the project on the road to support Intronaut and TesseracT on the Altered State North American Tour Which kicked off this past Saturday night in Springfield, VA.

Visceral Entertainment captured video of Cloudkicker’s very first live performance on Saturday so for those of us lames that can’t attend one of the shows on the tour, for now, this will be our best chance at seeing Cloudkicker in a live setting. Many fans speculated about whether or not Sharp could pull it off but with the help of Intronaut as his backing band (joining forces as Nautkicker), all seems well on stage and I’m sure heads were a’banging in the crowd. I used to work out to The Discovery in sleeveless shirts and shit, bro, so I’m stoked. Shoot me. But seriously, I couldn’t be happier to see Sharp perform his creations live, but I could go for a Nuns With Guns reunion…

Check out the live capture after the break along with the tour poster. You can purchase tickets here.

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  • Rasik

    “Ben Cooper’s one-man prog-metal project Cloudkicker has been keeping”

    It’s Ben Sharp, not Ben Cooper.

  • Brian Lion

    I suck. Thank you.

    I’ve been hunting down too much horror memorabilia lately. Cooper was stuck in my head.

  • Rasik

    No problem! Just thought I’d let you know.