EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Arielle — The Coachella Story


Arielle is a 23-year-old southern Californian singer-songwriter with a sophistication far beyond her age. Discovered by Queen‘s Brian May for her outright outstanding songwriting skills and upstanding personality, Arielle is making her way as one of the best up-and-coming acts in her genre. In 2011, she performed alongside CeeLo Green at Coachella, marking a triumphant moment in her career. In an exclusive interview with UTG, Arielle said she can “feel the wind blowing through my hair now when I think of that beautiful day when I was onstage playing with him.”

Follow the jump to see a brand new video reflecting Arielle’s experience at Coachella and read an exclusive interview about her 2014 single, “California,” how she met Brian May, and more about her time at Coachella.

UTG: Hi Arielle. Thanks for the time today. Let’s better introduce you to our readers. You were discovered by Brian May of Queen. That’s fascinating. How did this come about?

I met Brian May in 2007 when he came into town to do a book signing at ‘Book Soup’ in Hollywood. I knew that we would be friends my whole life so it was natural. We ended up chatting for about an hour after I met him in line and have stayed in contact ever since. I believe that we were long lost friends.

UTG: We are premiering a video about your Coachella experience today. Where did the idea of the video come from?

The idea of the video came up because we were talking about a lot of the fun memories and experiences I had had — and that was definitely one of them. To be able to work with very talented people is an honor and CeeLo has an incredible voice and catchy tunes. I had a lot of fun and learned so much from him.

UTG: Now looking back, how does that experience compare to other accomplishments in your career?

Being on that tour bus is one of my most cherished memories. I can feel the wind blowing through my hair now when I think of that beautiful day when I was onstage playing with him.

UTG: Your video for “California” was released in February. How has response to the new single been?

The single has gotten a lot of great feedback, which I am very happy about. I know the song is something that many people can relate to, pursuing your dreams and in the process having them not go the way that you wanted them to and being hurt. Men and women alike seem to have latched onto the song, the music, the guitar playing, and the initial story. I am beyond grateful and excited about it. When people take it to heart, it means that people are relating to my music. What more could I ask for?

UTG: Your powerful musicianship helps you stand out as a solo artist. What is your ideal guitar set up and why?

Thank you! My ideal guitar set up is using my blue and orange guitar that I built with a friend of mine, “Two Tone” through a 3rd Power HLH 100 3×12 half stick, with my pedal board and a 15′ cable into each. Two of the pedals I cannot live without are the Range Master Beano Treble Boost and the Fulltone OCD. Amazing combo! I also use Martin Acoustics, which I love very much.

UTG: What would you say to fans preparing to attend Coachella this year?

They seem to get it right every time. People seem to really become themselves, open, enjoy nature, and connect with the best part of who they are. I hope I get to play for you guys out there soon!

UTG: What’s the rest of 2014 look like for you?

We have been working really hard on my forthcoming EP, which will be coming out soon. It is sounding great and I feel like the classic rock vibe is being kept alive in the music. There are lots of guitar solos, harmonies, and stories captured within every song and I am excited for people to hear that. Right now, we are watching the single closely to see how people relate. We are also planning a radio promo tour and will follow with a performance tour where I will either headline or open for someone. I am just going with the flow and being open to whatever comes next! Trusting the process can be the hardest part, but I am having a blast in the meantime.

UTG: Anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you for your time! You can receive Arielle updates on my website, and…please call into the local radio stations and ask if they can play “California.” There seems to be a lot of great movement with that. Thank you!

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