STREAM: Palisades – “Drunk In Love” (Beyonce Cover)


Palisades are by no means one of the heaviest acts on Rise Records’ roster. A majority of their songs are mostly clean vocals with some uncleans peppered in here and there. One thing they have become known for though is heavy electronic influence in some of their music. The song “High & Low,” for example, has almost a remixed feel to it. With that in mind, it seems natural that they would choose a song to cover where they could take advantage of that element. The band decided to reinvent Beyonce’s single, “Drunk In Love,” and it’s not half bad. The song has quite a bit more screaming than what you hear in their own songs, which is a nice change. You can listen to it for yourself below the jump.

Be sure to catch the band on The Acceptance Speech tour alongside the headliners Dance Gavin Dance, and labelmates Bleach Blonde. You can find a full list of dates on the band’s Facebook page.

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