UTG Premiere: Stages & Stereos – “1990” (Lyric Video)

Stages & Stereos

In a time when it seems every new band is a shameless ripoff of whatever group was trendy last month, Stages & Stereos continue to push ahead with an original take on pop rock that is as infectious as it is memorable. We have aided the group in the past with several premieres, and we’re happy to do so once more this afternoon with the world premiere of the lyric video for “1990.”

If you have seen one video you have pretty much seen them all. I won’t lie to you and act like the video found at the end of this post is all that different from lyric videos you have seen before, but I can guarantee there are no bands currently on the come-up quite like Stages & Stereos. Whether you enjoy lyric videos or not it’s hard to imagine anyone walking away from “1990” without being a little impressed with everything the band has created. You can view the video, and perhaps more importantly, enjoy “1990” in all its pop glory at the end of this post.

Stages & Stereos had a big promotional run towards the end of 2013, and the release of this video proves they still have a lot more they want to share with the world. If you like what you hear, please take a moment and follow the band on Twitter and Facebook. If not, recommend them to someone who might like it. They will appreciate you putting them in touch with their next obsession.

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