Watch James Franco Prey on Emma Roberts In The ‘Palo Alto’ Trailer


It’s a Coppola movie, meaning it’s chock full of adolescent innocence put to the test, soft tones and a leading lady who’s just trying to make sense of everything. Only Palo Alto isn’t Sofia’s but her niece’s take on James Franco’s book Palo Alto: Stories.

In this debut from Gia Coppola she’s teamed up with Franco to bring to life the story of April, played by Emma Roberts – a girl who’s looking for love but may’ve found it in all the wrong places. Will she go for the bad boy who’s new to town or her soccer coach Mr. B (Franco)? Oh, high school, you’re never as interesting as movies make you out to be.

It made its debut last year at the Telluride Film Festival where David Ehrlich remarked it was “one of the best movies ever made about high school life in America.” You can catch Palo Alto when it hits theaters May 9, and check out the trailer after the jump.

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