Gerard Way Disassociates Himself From My Chemical Romance Via Twitter


Given this week’s reunion of Copeland, the tragic and strung-out disbanding of The Dangerous Summer, and last year’s massive comeback year for Fall Out Boy, it’s more apparent than ever that nothing lasts forever. With the ten-year anniversary tour becoming such a common money maker for veteran bands, we’ve seen bands we haven’t heard from in years coming back with multi-national anniversary runs to give back to the scene. Band breakups don’t really feel permanent anymore. That being said, fans hoping that My Chemical Romance will eventually come back from their time off may need to wait a bit longer.

Gerard Way took to Twitter yesterday to vent his frustrations about getting backlash from fans over My Chemical Romance-related issues, and announced that he’ll be taking a step back when it comes to interacting with fans about the now-defunct band.

While a reunion seems just about impossible at this point, I truly hope they find the spark and return to making music together once again. Maybe when the band’s magnum opus, The Black Parade, turns ten in 2016, we’ll see some activity. You can view all of Gerard’s tweets about the subject below.

John Bazley

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