UTG Premiere: REACTIONS – “Some Way, Somehow”


There are few things we love more than sharing unreleased music with the world, and this afternoon we are beyond excited to premiere a new single from REACTIONS titled “Somehow, Someway.”

You should already be familiar with the work of REACTIONS, but in case you’re not allow me to give you a quick history lesson. Formed in 2011, Arizona’s REACTIONS consist of Michael Amorosia, Steve Splain, Josh Brown, and Nick Ayres. Combining their love for all things Metal, Pop, and Punk REACTIONS linked their pop/rock sound to form a more rock/post hardcore style integrating big choruses and melodies. They have released three EPs to date and a have a fourth currently being prepped for release.

Today, UTG is excited to share the world premiere of “Someway, Somehow,” which finds a catchy middle ground between the band’s alternative and post-hardcore influences. Here’s what the band had to say about the song:

Some Way, Somehow is actually one of our favorite songs on the EP. We had about 6 songs going into the studio when we were about to leave. We wrote Some Way, Somehow 3 days before we got on the plane headed to Bethesda. As soon as we started pre-production and tracking the basis of the song we knew we had to bring it with and push it on the EP. This song speaks to all of us in a lot of different levels. Originally, we wrote this song as a “gone for tour”, “missing home” type of song. Although, when we dove into the lyrics and started really tracking the song in the studio we realized the different levels of “missing home” there really was. Everyone has gone through that longing for somewhere or someone at some point in their lives. We tried to write this so everyone can relate and connect with the longing for someone or something mindset.

You can stream “Some Way, Somehow” below.

Like what you hear? We thought you might. Make sure you follow REACTIONS on Facebook for EP release details and future tour announcements.

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