Artery Recordings Welcomes Capture The Crown

Capture the Crown

Earlier in the day, Artery Recordings welcomed the Australian metalcore band Capture The Crown to its already impressive roster. Peek below the jump to view the outfit’s official video announcement.

Formed in 2010, the four-piece first started turning heads about two years ago thanks to their viral single “You Call That a Knife? This Is a Knife.” Shortly after the tune tracked over five million views on YouTube , the band flew to Florida to record their debut LP, ‘Til Death, at Cameron Mizell’s Chango Studios; it was released later that year via Sumerian Records.

I’ll be honest, Capture The Crown is not my cup of tea, but despite my better judgments, I’ll let you form your own opinions on these Aussies. You can additionally find the music video for the above referenced single by glancing below. Personally, my favorite part is the final breakdown, where the vocalist sounds like an a wheezing, wounded animal.

Comment below and let us know how you feel about Artery’s latest pick-up.

Kyle Florence

Kyle Florence is a proud Wisconsinite, a dinosaur enthusiast, and a lover of all things weird and whacky.
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  • Brian Lion

    Definitely aren’t the worst vocals I’ve heard but this growing trend of metalcore with prominent electronics is getting very old, very fast. I couldn’t begin to tell any of these bands apart.

  • Kriston McConnell

    I am definitely a fan. I also acknowledge that they are a total scene band. I’m not sure what happened between them and Sumerian, but I hope it doesn’t happen with Artery.

  • UTE

    I guess Sumerian didn’t think it was worthy to sign them for too long since they’re just a scene band. Hence, they dropped both Make Me Famous & Capture The Crown off.

  • Kriston McConnell

    That can definitely be true. The think with MMF though is that they were having a ton of problems with their frontman and ended up kicking him out. Pretty much immediately after that they were dropped from the label.

  • UTE

    Sure, I knew that but I think it was a direct yet not main reason. Sumerian could sign Down & Dirty or Oceans Red, while they do not. This label might be fed up with these scene bands. Glad to share views with you.

  • Kriston McConnell

    For sure! I am confident neither one of those bands will be picked up by Sumerian.

  • Woe, Is [S]unjay

    Much chugs
    Very breakdowns