Try And Resist The Hook On The Summer Set’s New Single

the summer set

Okay, right off the top I have to tell you this song is not exactly new. “Lightning In A Bottle” was originally released in 2013 while building excitement for The Summer’s Set‘s third full length album, Legendary, but it has been given new life this week by receiving the official music video treatment.

Anyway, if there is any chance you made it through last year without experiencing “Lightning In A Bottle” then you are in for a treat. The Summer Set claimed the alt-pop throne with the release of Legendary, and this song is one of the brightest jewels in their sub-genre crown. The video is largely performance based, but even if that doesn’t grab you the hook will. Take a few moments and enjoy the visuals below:

I know for a fact that sixteen-year-old James would slap the me of today in the face for listening to bands like The Summer Set, and it would probably be worse if he knew I genuinely looked forward to seeing them on festivals like Warped Tour, but it’s the truth. There is an element of absolute escapism to the music The Summer Set are creating right now that is both timeless and highly infectious. You feel good when you hear it, and even better when you sing along.

The Summer Set are giving kids an excuse to have a good time and spend a few minutes escaping the countless troubles and heartache the world throws their way on a daily basis. It may not be high-brow entertainment, but it’s a fun listening experience nonetheless. If you like this song, toss aside your pre-conceived notions and give Legendary a spin as soon as time allows.

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