Shapes & Colors Launch A “$10 Campaign” To Help Pay To Record With Aaron Sprinkle

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There are only a handful of “big” producers in the alternative music scene, and Aaron Sprinkle is one of them. He’s worked with artists like Emery, The Almost, Anberlin, Relient K and many, many more. A small up and coming alternative rock outfit by the name of Shapes & Colors happily announced today that they will be recording their forthcoming EP with Sprinkle. This is a great opportunity for them to get something out there that’s produced by a professional, and with that comes a bigger bill. Because of this, the band has launched an Indiegogo campaign dubbed the “$10 campaign.” Though the group has a few different perk options available, they’re offering an awesome deal for their $10 tier. You will not only receive a copy of their new CD, you will receive their entire discography digitally as well as a physical copy of Hold Your Breath. You can find the band’s announcement below the jump, as well as a link to their Indiegogo page.

If you’re unsure about supporting these guys, I highly recommend giving their music a quick listen. They are certainly talented musicians and it’s hard to imagine their new EP won’t be just as good or even better than what they’ve already released. Their music can be found on their Facebook page.

We are proud to finally announce that we will be recording a brand new EP this Summer with Aaron Sprinkle (Anberlin, Emery).

Working with a producer as highly esteemed as Aaron, as well as the cost of traveling with gear to Nashville, leaves us in a tight place. We’re reaching out to our friends, family and fans to join us in this big moment and asking you to help us by taking part in something we’re calling “The Ten Dollar Campaign”.

For $10, you’ll get our entire digital discography and signed physical copies of Hold Your Breath and the new EP. In addition to #TheTenDollarCampaign, there will be a number of great incentives for those that wish to contribute more. T-shirts, hoodies, handwritten lyrics, web shows and personalized short songs will all be offered.

Thanks for sticking with us these past few years. Your support has been amazing and very much appreciated. We plan to make the most of our time with Aaron this Summer creating the best music we’ve written yet. Join us!

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