Alexisonfire’s George Pettit Announces New Band

Dead Tired

It took some time, but George Pettit, former vocalist of the tragically defunct Alexisonfire, has announced a new project. Fellow Alexisonfire crooners Dallas Green (City and Colour) and Wade MacNeil (Gallows) have long had new pursuits – pursuits that were, in fact, part of the reason the band folded – and fans have long been eager for Pettit, the throatiest of the bunch, to pick up some new work.

That finally happened a long three years later, though little is known beyond a band name: Dead Tired. “I’ve got a new band. Follow @zDEADTIREDz on Twitter and Instagram. More info soon.” tweeted Pettit 16 hours ago.

The mystery band’s Twitter has 822 followers as I type these words (including Damian Abraham!) and has yet to tweet. It has sent out two images on Instagram, both mysterious black-and-white images. Despite the lack of information, the tidbit about Pettit’s inclusion is enough to have people eagerly awaiting whatever it is that’s coming.

Tyler Hanan

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