UTG PREMIERE: Closure In Moscow – “Neoprene Byzantine”

Closure In Moscow

Closure In Moscow side effects may include psychedelic hallucinations, rhythmic tremors, and musical euphoria, especially at the Pink Lemonade dose. The Australians’ first record since 2009’s frenetically fantastic First Temple brings all kinds of strange, throwing jammier grooves into their old post-hardcore pace — it’s an eclectic cocktail of awesome that tastes funky, but goes down smooth.

“Neoprene Byzantine” is no exception, shifting from ’70s psych to spoken word at a moment’s notice. Get down with the shrieks and eccentricities and get high on our exclusive premiere of the song below.

Pink Lemonade‘s less than a month away, dropping worldwide on May 9 — pre-order the album on iTunes (US and AUS) or at the band’s website. Australians can also catch the band on the Pink Lemonade Album Tour, kicking off on the record’s release date.

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  • fortheshire

    What the fuck happened to this band? Where are the guys who wrote The Penance and the Patience?

  • Jtaw Cañada


  • xenposeidon

    They’re bringing more funk now. Deal with it.

  • adr

    This song is utterly awesome, more funk and less post-punk delivered, and I am completely satisfied

  • Antemasque

    They grew up. Well, except Chris, ofcourse. Also two members, the former bassist and drummer, left after First Temple.