‘Allegiant’ To Be Split Into Two Films, Because That’s What We Do Now


I love Harry Potter. We all love Harry Potter. The Harry Potter films have created a terrifying new norm, though. The final installment of every young adult fiction series-turned-movie behemoth will be split into two parts – no matter how much we don’t want it.

Just as with the final films of blockbuster forerunners Harry Potter, Twilight, and Hunger Games, the final installment of the Divergent Universe series will be split into two massively promoted, and probably massively successful, halves.

Insurgent must come before Allegiant parts one and two, but it’s well on its way. Production begins next month for the film, which is due in theaters March 20. You know, the summer blockbuster season. Allegiant Part 1 is slated for March 18, 2016, with Part 2 following on March 24 of the next year.

The reasons are pretty clear – oodles of money, whole mountains of it for Lionsgate executives to frolic in like Scrooge McDuck. As laid out by Lionsgate’s press release – Lionsgate is also behind the Twilight and Hunger Games franchises and their combined five billion dollars in earnings, it should be noted – the money has been flowing in quite nicely. Divergent has grossed $117 million domestically in three weeks, and it continues to roll out internationally. Book sales are plentiful as well – the Divergent series sales are broaching $20 million worldwide, with bundle and e-books sales jumping up as well.

Again, this announcement was more formality than anything. The only surprise was that it took three weeks after opening for it to go out.

Tyler Hanan

Tyler raves about movies on the Let The Right Films In podcast. Listen to him make jokes over his beleaguered cohost Kayla St. Onge and their more qualified guests who deserve so much better at soundcloud.com/ltrfipod. Find him on Twitter @tylerhanan.
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