Pharrell Cries “Happy” Tears With Oprah And The Internet Explodes


As if you needed another reason to love Pharrell after watching his killer performance at Coachella this past weekend, a new video making the rounds online today proves the guy is as humble as they come.

Pharrell recently sat down with Oprah to talk about life and his career in music, which has seen a significant upswing in recent months thanks to the relentless success of the single “Happy.” It’s the kind of song you know even if you swear you never listen to top 40 radio, and it has probably been stuck in your head at least twice in the last month. You can’t avoid it. Like cockroaches and “La Bamba” it will survive until nothing else exists.

Anyway, many do not remember this, but “Happy” was originally released in Summer 2013 as part of the soundtrack for Despicable Me 2. At the time, no one was interested in playing the song, and many radio stations even refused to give the track a trial run on rotation. Things changed when the song’s official interactive video was released in November, and in the months since “Happy” has permeated the global pop consciousness the way few songs ever do. Pharrell touched on this with Oprah, and she replied by playing a clip of people enjoying the song around the world, which made the man behind “Drop It Like It’s Hot” and “Grindin” break down in tears. You can view the footage below.

Everyone I know loves Pharrell right now, including my mother who resides in the seed corn capitol of the world. He is as recognizable as an entertainer can be and here, watching people enjoy his music, he is still moved to tears in spite of having spent more than a decade in the limelight. It’s not about fame or wealth for him, but rather the joy he can share with the world, and it shows in every aspect of what he has created in recent years.

Wipe those tears, Pharrell. There are plenty more “Happy” moments ahead.

James Shotwell

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