Dr. Manhattan Confirm Reunion And New EP

Dr Manhattan

Unfortunately there are too many bands out there who seem to have given up the ghost before they had the opportunity to “hit it big.” There are some lucky fans who got to enjoy that band’s music, and it’s bittersweet. Sometimes a few of those bands will get back together, and in those instances it can cause a stir in the music community.

Dr. Manhattan have been out of the limelight for quite a few years now. Their last show together was back in 2011, and while they’ve remained relatively active online, haven’t created anything new nor hinted at plans to go on tour again up until a couple of months ago. This past January they posted a status that caught the curiosity of their fans, as it suggested they might be getting back together. Three months later, we’ve received official confirmation.

In an interview with Absolutepunk that was published today the band officially confirmed that they are not only getting back together, but that they will be dropping a new EP. They plan on self releasing it digitally July 8 for free. Yes, free! You can read the entire interview with AP by heading here. You can also watch a brief teaser video below the jump.

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