Watch Off!’s Video For “Red White And Black,” It’s A Riot


It’s like no one appreciated the art of a good music video nowadays. Thankfully bands like Off! still take the time to put some effort behind theirs. The video for “Red White and Black” doesn’t just tell a story and have guest stars, it’s hilarious too!

The clip has comedians Brian Posehn and Dave Foley playing fascist generals performing for their followers at a bar. One thing leads to another and there ends up being an all out race war, complete with comical bottle breaking fight scenes between the two gangs. You’ll also notice Tool’s Danny Carey, Melvins’ Dale Crover and a couple of other band dude cameos in those fight scenes as well.

You can find “Red White and Black” on Off!’s record Wasted Years, which just dropped last week. You can also get some laughing in when you watch the video after the jump.

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