This Acoustic Version Of The Swellers’ “Best I Ever Had” Will Make Pop Punk Loving Hearts Burst With Joy

The Swellers 2013

The perfect song for Warped Tour has just become the perfect song for your next campfire with friends.

It’s incredibly hard to put into words what happens to someone when a song as good as The Swellers’ summertime classic “Best I Ever Had” comes barreling through a stereo system. In a few short notes you, the listener, are transported from wherever you are to the first time you thought you knew what love was, then overwhelmed with the fresh pain of realizing you could not have been more wrong. You don’t cry, however, because those years when you felt invincible are still some of, if not the best you can recall.

Today, The Swellers surprised fans worldwide with the unannounced release of a b-sides and rarities compilation via Bandcamp. The seventeen-track release features demos and alternate versions of songs spanning the group’s career, including variations of “Best I Ever Had.” One of them, which the title informed you is performed acoustic, can be streamed below.

Songs like this make me wonder why Fearless Records has not been quicker to producer a third installment in their Punk Goes Acoustic series. It’s got all the heart of the original, with a few extra emotive moments that bring the sensations of young love more into focus than ever before.

If you like what you hear even a fraction as much as I do, then I must urge you to find $5 and purchase the new rarities collection from The Swellers. It is bursting with great content fans new and old can enjoy, so click here and add it to your digital music collection today.

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