Move Over Batman, “Trapman” is The Hero Pop Music Needs

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If you have never heard of Astro Safari USA before this moment you’re about to have a very, very exciting Friday.

A lot of people have been fortunate enough to portray Batman over the last hundred years. Christian Bale, George Clooney, Adam West, an eccentric billionaire named Bruce Wayne, and more. Only one person has ever been so blessed that the unseen powers that control the universe saw fit to dub them Trapman, and fortunately for the rest of us that person has decided to share their gift for wordplay with the rest of the world via Astro Safari USA’s new single. It’s modern pop-funk with the rap prowess of something akin to a genius lion with the opposable thumbs necessary to hold a microphone and a hook that just won’t quit. Experience “Trapman” for yourself, below:

There is an inherent amount of humor in the work of Astro Safari USA, but there is no denying that the songwriting in “Trapman” is top shelf. From the hook and melody, to the overall structure and hypnotic bass line, this is pop craftsmanship of the highest caliber, and even if it makes you giggle a bit that does not take away from how incredibly engaging it is from the opening notes to the closing beat.

“Trapman” just so happens to be the title track for Astro Safari USA’s sophomore album, which is scheduled to be released this Sunday, April 20. We will have more music to share soon. Stay tuned.

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