UTG Album Premiere: Astro Safari USA – ‘Trapman’


It’s hard to summarize Astro Safari USA in a single descriptive phrase, let alone figure out which genre their sound falls under, but if you like pizza, cats, rap, and everything else the internet thrives on for positivity you probably owe it to yourself to give the following album a few minutes of your time.

Hailing from California by way of New York, Astro Safari USA is the result of JP Clark (Young and Divine) combining his musical talents with those of former Secret Secret Dino Club mastermind Jayce Kalinkewicz. Their sophomore album, Trapman, hits stores tomorrow (4/20), but we have partnered with the duo to offer you this exclusive stream a full day in advance. You can experience all 9 tracks below:

Call me crazy, but this album has summertime written all over it. “Girls Are Just Girls” perfectly exemplifies this idea, with indie-pop influence guiding a song that lyrically tiptoes the line with hip-hop throughout both verses before slapping you across the face with a chorus so instantly contagious that there is a rumor that I just made up about the working title being “Common Cold.”

The hits don’t stop there of course, which is a good thing since the song I chose as an example also happens to open the record. We will have a full review of Trapman in the days ahead, but I feel I must urge everyone to make time to at least spin “Fake Bitches,” as well as the title track, before deciding how they feel about this release. Astro Safari USA are a one of a kind duo and Trapman is one of a kind release. Don’t put it down just because it’s different. Embrace the weird and who knows? You might just have the time of your life.

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  • Derek – UTG Review

    This group is PHAT, but they really need to fly that dreadlocked boy out to California, let em know he’s from NY

  • bubslove

    best album ever! already on my 10th listen

  • Love this so much.