‘Captain America 2’ Clings to Top Position for Third Consecutive Week

Captain America 2 Still

While facing off against time itself and three new films that have charted on this weekend’s top ten, Captain America: Winter Soldier has held its ground, and made $26.6 million in the process. If this estimate is correct, then that would mean that Marvel Studios has made over $200 million in domestic sales off of this action flick.

Shortly behind it came Heaven is for Real, which pulled in $21.5 million. In-between the seasonal timing of Easter weekend and potential residual hype brought on by recent Christian themed films like God’s Not Dead, Son of God, and even Noah, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see even higher numbers when final sales are counted.

Even while toting a leading star like Johnny Depp, Transcendence had a dismal opening weekend in terms of sales and reviews. Estimates for this film have counted in at $11.2 million. Right behind it on the chart comes A Haunted House 2, which scraped up $9.1 million.

Check out UTG’s interview with Marlon Wayans regarding AHH2 here, and be sure to follow the jump to view a complete top ten listing of this weekend’s highest grossing films.

  1. Captain America: Winter Soldier – $26,600,000
  2. Rio 2 – $22,500,000
  3. Heaven is for Real – $21,500,000
  4. Transcendence – $11,150,000
  5. A Haunted House 2 – $9,100,000
  6. Draft Day – $5,900,000
  7. Divergent – $5,750,000
  8. Oculus – $5,200,000
  9. Noah – $5,000,000
  10. God’s Not Dead – $4,490,000
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