MUST LISTEN: Sunny Day Real Estate – “Lipton Witch”

Sunny Day Real Estate

Record Store Day was yesterday, and there were plenty of releases for fans of all genres to look forward to. One of those releases was a split between Circa Survive and Sunny Day Real Estate. This split is particularly exciting because SDRE haven’t released new music together in fourteen years. While I do love Circa Survive, SDRE’s “Lipton Witch” is definitely the biggest reason to grab the split. You can give it a listen by taking a look below the jump.

If you missed out on grabbing the split yesterday, you can always try to pick it up on eBay. The price has been jacked up by resellers though, so I would advise against it.

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  • Victimschoice

    Wait…what?? I missed out on new SDRE???

  • Matt Dove

    This is one I would call a “grower” as another fan described it. I approach every “new” song by them as if it was the first time I listened to diary and ask would it hook me? While I wouldn’t say it was instantly accessible, I will say Lipton Witch casts a spell worth re-listening and then re-listening to again and again. Its a world weary SDRE remaining comfortable to their roots while demonstrating the more refined production maturity of The Rising Tide. If you’re a fan, then its definitely for you.