Wovenwar (Ex-As I Lay Dying) Share “All Rise”


The Members of As I Lay Dying who were not arrested for allegedly plotting to kill their wife in the fall of 2013 have abandoned their former project and formed a new group known as Wovenwar. Today, their first full song found its way online.

Featuring the driving aggression of AILD with a twist of alternative rock songwriting, Wovenwar make it known with “All Rise” that they are not just another variation of their former selves. This band is far more mainstream. So much so, that with proper marketing I see no reason they should have any difficulty scaling the various echelons of underground fame. You can stream “All Rise” below.

There are elements of “All Rise” that feel a tad bit dated, but nothing to an extent that it’s likely to detract curious hard rock fans. The solo near the end is without a doubt the song’s highlight. It arrives when you’re least expecting it and demands your full attention until the final beats cross through your speakers. It’s not chart-topping originality by any means, but it gets the job done.

We expect Wovenwar will continue to surprise listeners with new material for the foreseeable future, which will ultimately culminate in an album or EP release sometime in the summer or fall. Stay tuned.

James Shotwell

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