In Hearts Wake Launch Online Game To Reveal New Single

In Hearts Wake

Bands and record labels come up with all kinds of crazy/ingenious ways to promote upcoming music or albums. A lot of them will generally require fan involvement, which can include but is not limited to: contests, puzzles, games, riddles and more. In Hearts Wake and their label, UNFD, have decided to take that path to reveal the third single from their upcoming album Earthwalker. What do fans have to do? Play a game! Sounds easy enough, right?

Earth Invader is set up similarly to Galaga, and pits the player, who is a squirrel, against “Tony Abbott’s bulldozers” in an effort to save the trees. Once you hit 80,000 points the new song will start to play. To incentivize fans even more, the person with the highest score by May 23 will have an opportunity to win a test pressing of the band’s album.

You can play the game, and read more details on the contest by heading right here. I’ve played the game a few times already and I can tell you it is definitely not very easy.

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