Netflix Announces Release Date For The Final Season Of ‘The Killing’


The best show you have not been watching is back from the dead for one more tale of murder and deception, both likely involving children.

When The Killing finished its third season on AMC in the fall of 2013 no one knew whether or not the show would return. The network seemed uninterested in learning what happened to Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) and Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman), but fans disagreed. Petitions were formed, forums were flooded with discussion, and a few thousand refreshes on entertainment sites later it was revealed Netflix had decided to option the show for one final run.

Today Netflix revealed the very first teaser for The Killing‘s return, and following in the steps of the recent Hemlock Grove teaser it runs an astounding eleven seconds in length. No footage is shown, nor any views of the stars, but fans do see a lot of blood and the information that matters most: The Killing will return on August 1. You can view the clip below.

Blame it on poor marketing or a simple overabundance of options, but I never understood why more people have not spent the past few years biting their nails with anticipation for the next episode of The Killing. The writing is strong, the acting is even better, and there are moments of cinematography glory so wonderful you might think you’re watching a feature film. If you want to catch up on everything you missed, you’re in luck! The first three seasons of The Killing are streaming right now. GO! GO! GO!

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