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The Dangerous Summer

The Dangerous Summer Release ‘Thank You For 8 Years’ Photo book

Bands break up all of the time. Some breakups are civil, and others are nasty. In the case of The Dangerous Summer, their parting wasn’t the nastiest we’ve seen, but it was certainly following quite a bit of drama. Frontman AJ Perdomo left the group, then shortly after the band ended up calling it quits. […]


Aviator Sign To No Sleep Records & Tease New Single

Aviator are a five piece progressive hardcore outfit that have been together since 2009. In their time together they’ve released a handful of EPs and have been on various tours. Earlier this week the group added a new milestone to their career and announced that they’ve signed with No Sleep Records. They plan on releasing […]

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Watch Nicolas Cage Have A Fanboy Moment Over Axl Rose

We know we sometimes go overboard with our love of the great and timeless Hollywood icon known as Nicolas Cage, but there was absolutely no way we could pass up the opportunity to write about Cage freaking out about something music-related the way we do when our favorite bands do cool things. Nicolas Cage made […]


The Legends Are True: Microsoft Finds Infamous Lost ‘E.T.’ Atari Game Cartridges In New Mexico Landfill

A little over a month ago we brought you a story about how Microsoft was recently granted clearance to excavate a New Mexico landfill as part of a planned documentary aiming to uncover the truth behind one of the greatest mysteries in video game history. As the legend goes, the response to E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial […]

Remember me?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Has Found Its Thanos

There has never been a question whether or not the character of Thanos would appear in the Marvel cinematic universe, but amidst all the casting rumors and announcements of recent months his name is one that has been noticeably missing from conversation. Speaking with Empire Magazine in a new interview, Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige confirmed […]

weekly wax

WEEKLY WAX: Vinyl Releases For The Week Of 4/20-4/26

Welcome back to Weekly Wax! If your wallet is still reeling from Record Store Day, then this was probably a frustrating week, with pre-orders launching for a number of highly anticipated releases, such as Say Anything‘s latest, the Garden State soundtrack, and Knuckle Puck‘s The Weight That You Buried. For emo fans, Tiny Engines announced […]