‘Captain America’ Falls Before ‘The Other Woman’


Captain America: The Winter Soldier sure did fight the good fight for two straight weeks, but as of this weekend, the production’s been dethroned by The Other Woman. With sales scraping in at about $24.7 million, Cameron Diaz’s latest is topping the Marvel film by an estimated $8.7 million.

Further on our list of this week’s top ten highest grossing films, Brick Mansions, which starred the late Paul Walker opened up to $9.6 million and is currently sitting on a 28% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Lionsgate’s latest horror film, The Quiet Ones, also made its premiere while pulling in $4 million in the process.

Follow the jump to view our complete top ten listing of this weekend’s highest grossing films.

  1. The Other Woman – $24,700,000
  2. Captain America: Winter Soldier – $16,050,000
  3. Heaven is for Real – $13,800,000
  4. Rio 2 – $13,650,000
  5. Brick Mansions – $9,600,000
  6. Transcendence – $4,105,000
  7. The Quiet Ones – $4,000,000
  8. Bears – $3,610,000
  9. Divergent – $3,600,000
  10. A Haunted House 2 – $3,270,000
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