‘All Cheerleaders Die’ Trailer: Dubstep And The Undead


A new trailer has been released for Lucky McKee’s All Cheerleaders Die ahead of the film’s summer theatrical release.

Focusing on the lives of several high school cheerleaders who find themselves trapped in a car at the bottom of a cliff following a night of fun gone awry, All Cheerleaders Die tells the story about life after life for the most popular girls in school. I know that may sound a little confusing, but one look at the trailer and it’s clear that these cheerleaders are anything but the girls you’d expect to see standing court side at your local high school sporting event. They’re stronger, meaner, and dare I say sassier than your average cheerleaders, and if you’re not careful they may eat you alive. You can view the film’s latest trailer below.

We had the good fortune to catch an early screening of All Cheerleaders Must Die back in March and can tell you first hand it’s unlike anything else that has been brought to the silver screen in 2014. It’s even outside the box for McKee, which is really saying something when you consider he brought May and The Woman to life. The only thing I can compare it to is Heathers, only far more twisted and without the whole ‘let’s kill the popular kids’ angle.

All Cheerleaders Die arrives on VOD May 8 and begins a limited theatrical run in June. If you love weird films, make sure this is on your ‘must-see’ list for the months ahead.

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