DC Has Found A Director For ‘Justice League’


After news broke on Friday that Marvel had finally found its Thanos, DC has wasted no time rushing to press with a major announcement of their own.

According to a story broke by The Wall Street Journal, Zack Snyder has signed on to direct the upcoming big screen adaptation of the Justice League. It is believed the film will feature Henry Cavill as Superman, Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Godot as Wonder Woman, and likely a number of additional Man Of Steel 2 characters as well. No release date is planned, but a tweet from Boris Kyt of The Hollywood Reporter claims the film could hit theaters as early as 2017 (just a year after the Man Of Steel sequel opens opposite Captain America 3 in May 2016).

Production for Justice League will happen immediately following Snyder’s work on the Man Of Steel sequel, otherwise known as Batman Vs Superman, which in all honesty does not have an official title at this time. We expect a full announcement regarding casting and release will happen at this year’s Comic-Con, but rest assured a flurry of rumors and gossip will hit the net each and every week until that that time.

It’s a little surprising to see DC stick with Snyder as a director. Man Of Steel was perfectly fine, and I am sure the sequel will be bloated-yet-watchable, but do you really want to trust your entire cinematic universe to one guy whose filmography is hit-and-miss at best?

We’ll bring you more on the Justice League film as additional details are confirmed.

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