Andrew Jackson Jihad Stream ‘Christmas Island’ In Full

Andrew Jackson Jihad Christmas Island

Even though Andrew Jackson Jihad are releasing their fifth studio album next week, there’s certainly a possibility you haven’t heard of them before (or their previous work, at the very least). If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience their music yet, then today is the perfect time to dive right in. Their album is officially set to be released May 6, but it is now streaming in full courtesy of The AV Club. You can also stream the album, which is titled Christmas Island, in full by taking a look below the jump.

If you are a fan of anti rock, or the slightly more obscure folk punk genre, then this is the band for you. The music they have crafted isn’t quite like anything else out on the market right now, and that makes for a very entertaining experience. Pre-orders are still available for the album, so if you are interested in picking one up you can grab a physical copy here or a digital copy on iTunes.

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