Drake Reminds The World That Meek Mill Is One Of The Best Rappers Alive

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Drake commented in an interview earlier this year that everyone in hip hop looks at what he does and then copies it. If that is true, Meek Mill is about to be the most talked about artist in music.

We have written a lot about Meek Mill over the last few years, especially during the lead up to his 2012 debut album (Dreams And Nightmares). That record just went gold, but it’s been worthy of your attention since the day it hit shelves, and this morning Drake decided to remind the world of Mill’s greatness with a not so subtle reference to the rapper’s powerful opening track.

“Dreams and Nightmares Intro really one of the best rap moments of our generation,” tweeted Drake just before 5AM EST on April 30. The track being referenced, which shares a title with the album, features Mill going in for almost 4 solid minutes with bar after bar of autobiographical talk. From his early life on the streets, to reflecting on everything he accomplished before releasing an album, this track tells you everything you need to know about Mill’s life, style, and skill level before you have even reached the meat of his record. You can stream the track below.

Is this necessarily a news item? No, not really. I can admit that it’s a little late in the day and I was in the mood to write about something other than whatever buzz-worthy artist announced a new tour/video today. I can also admit that Meek Mill deserves to be a platinum artist, and that is something we have been proclaiming for the better part of three years at this point. His sophomore record is expected this summer, but if I were you I would make time now to familiarize myself with Dreams And Nightmares. If you already know and love that album then go ahead and revisit it two or three dozen times. This intro is really only the tip of the iceberg in terms of content worth praising. Hell, I know grown men who cried listening to “Maybach Curtains.” They were inebriated, sure, but it definitely happened.

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