Paramore “Steal” Justin Bieber’s Album Art To Create Spoof Song Art


Yesterday it came to many people’s attention that Justin Bieber more than likely stole artwork created by a fan of Paramore in 2011 for a single he just released. Though Bieber has not made any public acknowledgement of the internet’s accusations, Hayley Williams took to Tumblr to express her (hilarious) thoughts on it.

It seems she is not one to leave things at just that, and now the band as a whole has teamed up to mock Bieber. The band created a gif featuring them in various poses using the same set up at Bieber’s album Believe. Instead of having “Believe” written on it though, it says “Ain’t It Funny,” which is a slight alteration from their new single “Ain’t It Fun.” This change was probably made because Bieber’s song title is slightly different from Paramore’s. That or they are simply calling out that they are mocking him. You can view the gif yourself by taking a look below the jump.


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