Usher Returns With “Good Kisser”


There was never really a time in the last decade when Usher was completely out of the public eye, but in recent years his output has certainly been slowing. Today that changes, or so we hope, with the release of “Good Kisser,” a soul influenced power ballad that aims to bring passion back to top 40 music.

Built around a simple–yet infectious–bass line that refuses to let up, “Good Kisser” originally found its way online late last night. It’s hard to liken the sound of the material to anything else at radio today, but there is a little Prince and D’angelo in the mix. Usher sings about the things he loves in his women, with an emphasis given to their physical chemistry, but it never becomes so explicit that it’s uncomfortable. In fact, it’s more like something Marvin Gaye or Al Green would have delivered, toeing the line with sexual overtones without ever becoming so raunchy it turns too many conservative listeners.

This morning the video for “Good Kisser” debuted on Vevo and YouTube. The clip keeps things simple by following the pop blueprint of hot bodies and cool dance moves, but it’s hard to argue with a formula that works so well for the material it represents.

“Good Kisser” is a song meant to make you move, to make you grab that special someone and break a sweat. It’s music for dance floors and candle-lit bedrooms, but it will undoubtedly climb the top 40 as well. It’s a pop smash that grows on you like few track do in 2014, and it’s a safe bet Usher has more like it on the way soon.

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