WATCH: NOFX Perform “Quart In Session” With Descendents Frontman Milo Auckerman


Punk legends collided at Groezrock this weekend, when Milo Auckerman, the prolific frontman of Descendents joined NOFX for a special performance of “Quart In Session.” You can check out a video after the jump.

The song originally appeared on NOFX’s record So Long & Thanks For All The Shoes, which was released in 1997 on Epitaph. Milo’s voice still sounds great, and Fat Mike’s purple mohawk looks even more hilarious in comparison to Milo, who has aged rather gracefully.

Does this mean we can get a studio collaboration between Milo and NOFX? Maybe a seven inch? God, I hope so.

John Bazley

John Bazley was raised in central New Jersey by the romantic aura of the Asbury Park beachfront, punk rock, and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4. He is still trying to figure all of this stuff out.

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